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Structures of Anticipation
October 30 - October 31

We are living in critical times, invoked less by concrete threats of destruction than by the feeling of something to come, or something that is happening but that we cannot quite get a grasp of. Nervous anticipation, buoyed by real time political events on social media, creates a charged atmosphere where 240 characters or click-bait memes overwhelm fact, and evoke an intensity of responses. Information drowns out meaning and thoughtfulness, generating the “sensation” of anticipation – a feeling-cluster of circulating forces that accumulate: the sensations implicit in turning a corner, in hope, reverie, or of impending dread. Sensations of anxiety and trepidation swirl, as we navigate social, political and economic turbulence that seems infinitely deferred.

2 Day Workshop: Structures of Anticipation
We are looking for artists to participate in a two-day workshop structured around the word/image relation, responding to the idea that anticipation is as much a social phenomenon as it is a psychological one.This event mobilizes camera-led research creation: the photograph is put into conversation with writing. The shuttling between image and text is a process of embodied learning and experimentation. We aim to address the relationship of words to images, and ask how these objects, framed within an economy of words, might be deployed as a reflexive pause that can help us to withstand the emotional instantaneity of the digital realm.

Day 1: each participant will produce 2 diptychs, combining image and text, that organizers will print out following the workshop. Participants can pick prints up the following week from ACWR.

Day 2: we will review the process and experience from day 1.

Project Running:
October 30th 2019, 3PM – 7PM
October 31st 2019, 10AM – 12PM

Patrick Firth
Luke Maddaford
Czarina Mendoza
Sasha Opeiko 



Karen Engle (PhD): I am an associate professor of Media Arts and Culture in the School of Creative Arts, at the University of Windsor. Research interests include visual culture (especially photo-based work), theories of affect, memory, and modernity. Having spent time in various disciplines (English literature, Sociology, and Visual Arts). I am a committed inter-disciplinarian. Writing is my primary medium, although I am exploring pinhole photography for this event.

Recent publications include: Feelings of Structure: Explorations in Affectco-edited with Dr. Yoke-Sum Wong (2018, McGill-Queen’s University Press), “Fragments of Desire” with Trudi-Lynn Smith in Imaginations: Journal of Cross-Cultural Image Studies, 7, no. 1 (2016), “The Boondoggle: Lee Miller and the Vicissitudes of Private Archives” in Photographies, 8, no. 1 (2015): 85-104)., I am also author of the book Seeing Ghosts: 9/11 and the Visual Imagination (2009, McGill-Queen’s University Press)

Yoke-Sum Wong: left UK higher academia after wasting too much time in it and returned to Canada in the summer of 2016. She is now teaching at AuArts (formerly ACAD).  She is a historical sociologist and journal editor who became lost in multidisciplinary meanderings and experimentations. During the last few years she has devoted her energy into organizing/curating international workshops, and exhibitions that bring together artists, art practitioners and academics from all disciplines.  These meetings have helped produced a book co-edited with Karen Engle (University of Windsor), called Feelings of Structure(2018, MQUP).

She gets bored easily.

October 30 - October 31

Artspeak Gallery

1942 Wyandotte Street East
Windsor, ON N8Y 1E4 Canada

Phone: 519-252-2787