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NEW VOICES: Mahlet Cuff
April 15 - May 15

April 15th, 2022 – May 15th, 2022






Mahlet Cuff is an emerging interdisciplinary artist and curator producing work through audiovisual storytelling. Using analog and digital photography, found and generated recordings, they explore subjects of healing, memory and collective care to question relationships between kin and the relationship they have with themselves. Cuff draws inspiration from the idea of creating their own worlds, building and rebuilding what it means to generate bonds with one another. Her collaborations as a curator include showcasing work for the Patterns Collective, Vtape, Take Home BIPOC Arts House as well as for the Window Winnipeg exhibition “Joy is more than just a feeling.” Their work has been shown locally and nationally.

Artist Statement:

The act of being remembered is one that is taken for granted. I have had the opportunity to be able to be in community with other Black queer people, Black queer from the diaspora, etc. I have this understanding as a Black queer person, it is a privilege to have access to people that share space with other that have intersecting identities parallel to one another.  In the years I have been able to be in conversation with others and learn from folks it has come to my knowledge that is not the case for everyone. As well as, even though that some people do have the chance to connect with another there is an erasure of Black queer people in the prairies.

In “When we are forgotten, who will remember us?” is encouraging the activation of remembering and when those communities are erased what impact does that have on future generations but also the ones living in the present. Although this text has a specific intention about who is being erased, I want the viewer to think of the significance of erasure and how that applies to other communities as well.


April 15 - May 15

ON Canada