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January 15 - February 15
New Voices is ACWR’s new 6 x 6 foot billboard located on the external wall of ArtSpeak gallery, right on the alleyway. The billboard, which features interchangeable letters, will be a place for language-based exhibitions and for concrete and experimental poetry installations. The initial focus of this program is to provide an outlet for underrepresented and marginalized voices in our community, including new generation artists, new immigrant artists, artists of colour, indigenous artists, artists with disabilities, francophone artists, and 2SLGBTQ+ communities.

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About the Installation

What is the significance of a name? Is it a placeholder? How important are they? In Igbo culture names hold meaning and are often portmanteaus of larger words to convey a new meaning and often embody characteristics parents see or want in their children. My name for example Chidera means: What God has written cannot be changed. While my last name Ikewibe means: We are stronger together. However, as with any translation, meaning is lost along the way and the nuances are lost in English.

In A(N) P(ART) OF ME!  I aim to explore the meaning of a name and how it can both be a part of oneself and an artistic representation of oneself. Even the sign-off — which is my artist name — is a part of my full name composed of the English translation of two Nsibidi characters. “Chi” means soul and “Ike” means strength which I currently sign all my work under. Names are important even if they do not translate well from one language to another.

January 15 - February 15

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