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Inquiry about Forgotten Birds

December 13 - December 27


(Inquiry about Forgotten Birds) Window Pop-Up Solo Exhibition – Tina Rouhandeh: Calligraphers and scribes keep historical records of their time. The “Mastar” is a set of cotton strings stretched over a frame which scribes use to rule the page. The scribe, Tina Rouhandeh, inspired by Mastar, to inscribes a story of prisoners of Iran whose only sin is not hiding their beliefs and telling the truth. She uses words and thread, linking them, and tying them together as effectively as possible, to create art pieces that crossbreeds traditions, legends and contemporary rituals.

The “Inquiry about Forgotten Birds “is a project using hand stitches, calligraphy and weaving to keep the record of what is currently happening in her homeland Iran. This is a collection about speaking up to the silence. The first piece of this collection consists of more than 3500 red Bullion stitches, which are created by twisting a thread around a sewing needle several times before inserting the needle into the cloth. Each stitch represents one prisoner and each twist around the needle indicates the prayers of the prisoners’  loved ones for liberation.

Inspired by Mastar as one of the most important tools of the a scribe in the ancient art of Iran, our calligrapher Tina Rohandeh has combined her needle with a red cotton thread (red as one of the prominent colours of Iranian textile art) to inscribe and record an event as an artist of the present century. She believes calligraphy and textile art bear witness to history, culture, time, and society. Their power is much deeper than their decorative surface. You are invited to see this exhibition while watching her weaving on the loom in a close space. The process
of weaving is the way of documentation of time. As she works row by row, it is like a breathing in and out. When the artist beats the weft into place, it is the process of fills the day and keeps us in the moment.

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