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In Conversation with: Kembra Pfahler

August 27, 2020 @ 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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In conjunction with “HOTSPOT: a livestream performance series about intimacy and connection”, join us for a conversation between Kembra Pfahler and Lucas Cabral, Artcite Inc. Executive Director about art, intimacy, and Availabilism during COVID-19.

Kembra Pfahler is an American musician, performance artist, filmmaker, actress and model. Her work is known for its provocative and oftentimes radical approach to exploring feminist themes around the body, sexuality, and the mythologies of beauty.

Pfahler is widely recognized as the lead singer of her punk, glam rock band ‘The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black’. Pfahler’s iconic stage persona, covered in coloured body paint and naked save for thigh-high boots, blacked-out teeth, and an over-sized bouffant wig, has become an art world avatar. The band’s shows are infamous for their punk-metal stylings and horror-inspired theatrics. During sets, Pfahler will often perform transgressive feats such as hanging upside down on a cross or, having paint-filled eggs cracked against her vulva. Pfahler has described her frenzied, future-feminist, monster persona as ‘Anti-Naturalist’. A term she has coined to emphasize the aesthetics’ total artificiality and beauty-busting narrative.

Aside from her band, Pfahler has created her own artistic language of ‘Availabilism’, an idea based on the notion of using whatever is most readily available at any given time. Availabilism shuns hierarchies of systems and instead emphasizes content over technique, freedom of materials over restrictive medium specificity. Her entire body of work (or ‘Manual of Action’) follows this ethos, from strapping bowling balls to her feet, her ‘Karen Black’ stage presence, paint-filled eggs smashed against her body, hand-made costumes, sets and props, and much more.

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