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In and through all things by Megan Feniak

January 18 @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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In and through all things by Megan Feniak
Opening reception 7pm

In a series of quixotic experiments, In and through all things reaches into objects, attempting to touch the intangible stored within and rippling back through them. Drawing both from handmade Shaker technologies and from objects used by early deep-sea divers, these works propose tools for approaching the metaphysical.
The methods of early deep-sea divers are compelling—in order to go where you cannot go, and see what you cannot see, one is required to embark on a lonely, disorienting descent into dark uncertainty. So a diver would carry with them a lamp, a compass, a dagger, helpful and comforting tools for the void. Echoing a diver’s tools for an expedition into uncertainty, these objects quietly probe for flickering signals in the darkness in a unique expression of faith.
Faith becomes bound up in the production or usage of objects through intent. The potency of intention can be felt rippling back through objects made by the Shakers, for whom woodworking
or everyday tasks could be spiritual acts. Not unlike Shaker designs, these works inscribe magic on the banal—holiness and spirit suddenly turns up in everything, spooky action peers out from
behind every surface. Flowers pressed in a stranger’s bible. Handmade gloves. The eyes of bees.
Through paradoxical and absurd propositions, In and through all things serves to guide the mind and heart of the viewer towards the invisible and impossible. These works contemplate the object as a traversable bridge, intent shifting material at a quantum level. Looking to both Christian mysticism and quantum theories, they grasp at the murky boundaries of human perception with an earnest, and deeply personal approach.

Megan Feniak is an interdisciplinary artist based in London, Ontario and Calgary. Feniak conjures handmade tools with mystical functions, drawing from both quantum physics and spiritual belief systems, her work wades into the depths of the limitations of perception. Feniak received her BFA from the Alberta College of Art & Design in 2018. Recent exhibitions include: Matters In The End at Support (London ON), Hand Pic’d at Viviane Art Gallery (Calgary AB), SPECULOOS at Untitled Arts Society (Calgary AB), Something From Nothing at Truck Gallery(Calgary AB), Nearly As Close As Oneself for Stride’s +15 window (Calgary AB), Two Align//Twin Goal at the Marion Nicoll (Calgary AB), and multiple exhibitions for Sled Island (Calgary AB).

This exhibition is made possible through the financial support of the City of Windsor Arts, Culture & Heritage Fund.

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