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“Idolos y Mercancias” (“Idols and Merchandise”)
November 1, 2020 - January 31, 2021

Arting, an emerging contemporary art platform founded in Mexico City, will launch an interactive virtual exhibition on the theme of Day of the Dead and migration.

The exhibition consists of work by the art collective Chundas Locas Mexas in dialogue with traditional Mexican pieces, which reference the festivities and mortuary traditions. This curatorial essay will take the viewers into a semi-historical journey that reflects upon the contemporary celebration of the Day of the Dead.

“Idols and Merchandise” will be presented in collaboration with SpanicArts: Hispanic Association of Professional Artists, an organization that supports Hispanic artists in Calgary. And exhibiting for the first time, the art collective Chundas Locas Mexas integrated by Mexican artists Avril López and Claudia Chagoya.

“Idols and Merchandise” is part of Arting’s virtual exhibitions programing, which was created out of need to keep the artistic endeavors afloat despite the lack of physical cultural spaces. Such lack of locations is due to Covid-19 related closures, as well as the absence of proper spaces for emerging artists. Arting provides its digital platform for the dissemination, management and sale of artworks by emerging artists. This organization collaborates with Visual Bricks, an architecture firm which has provided virtual spaces for art producers, managers and curators during the pandemic. On this occasion, SpanicArts joins the work team supporting and disseminating projects for Hispanic artists in Canada, in other words promoting their work in migration diaspora. In addition, this will be the first exhibition of Chundas Locas Mexas, the art collective integrated by Mexican artists Avril López and Claudia Chagoya, who currently reside in Canada.

“Idols and Merchandise” is a virtual exhibition proposed by the researcher, curator, artist, and current PhD student Emiliano Lazo Andrade. He combines elements of art exhibitions, and visual and written essays into a 360º interactive space. This hybrid experiment was conceived in the face of the apparent dematerialization of exhibitions, which are migrating to digital media, but most of the time are trying to imitate a traditional gallery setting.

With “Idols and Merchandise” we propose a different approach to conventional exhibitions, which engages the viewers in interactive and multimedia aspects that are inherent to hypertext, digital images and the internet. Also, we aim for a better interaction and functionality with mobile devices and touch screens, as well as to guide spectators through a journey that embraces the history of Mexico. Having the Day of the Dead festivity as an axis, we invite people to reflect on ostracized national identities in relation to immigration and the global market.

The exhibition “Idols and Merchandise” will be presented on Arting’s official website: -arting.mx-, on Novembrer 1, 2020. It will consist of a space created 100% digitally, which reference both religious and pagan origin of the festivity. The space will also address the need for online cultural content in Mexico, which the current pandemic situation has shown to be increasingly urgent.

Join us at the opening of “Idols and Merchandise” to celebrate our hybrid cultures! For more information: HERE

November 1, 2020 - January 31, 2021

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